Oct 09

ComixBrew Episode #227: NYCC Arms Race

ComixBrew Episode #227: NYCC Arms Race. Recorded on 10-6-2017. NYCC just finished up and, just like every year, there was a TON of exciting stuff that came from the Con. So, ComixBrew is here to do it’s very best in covering at least all of the exciting and major announcements. There’s a couple new trailers …

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Oct 13

ComixBrew Episode #71.2: That’s The NYCC Roulette Baby

Episode #71.2: That’s The NYCC Roulette Baby. Recorded on 10/11/2014. This special edition of ComixBrew covers all things concerning New York City Comic Con 2014. Annoucements, rumors, leaks, and scandals. All of it is discussed here. If you’re looking for the regular ComixBrew episode, check out Episode #71.1. Intro and outro courtesy of 2hundred6. A …

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Jun 23

ComixBrew Episode #55: Summertime

Episode #55: Summertime. Recorded on 6/21/2014. Chris and Tyler return! Josh and Adam couldn’t be happier. Bringing the professionalism once more, we learn that Chris has been burned seriously by Tropicana orange juice in the past and it has left a mark on the poor man. Also there’s some comic book and beer news! The …

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Nov 27

ComixBrew Episode #25.5: Greg Scott Bailey

Episode #25.5: Greg Scott Bailey. Josh sat down with this phenomenal artist, the guy has been all over the country going to conventions and selling his artwork. He took time out of his busy schedule to talk with us about what it’s like being in Artist Alley. He’s just a great guy all around. A …

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Oct 15

New York Comic Con New Series Roundup!

New York Comic Con has come and gone! From Thursday October 10th to Sunday October 13th, the comic book world was flooded with news, teases, revelations, suprises, and announcements. Want to know what to look forward to from the big publishers in 2014?

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Oct 14

ComixBrew Episode #19: Sellouts

Episode #19: Sellouts. Recorded on 10/12/2013. The Guys ventured forth and have returned triumphant. After surviving a trip to Bellingham, WA Chris decides to sellout! Between shameless plugs and NYCC news, the three discuss Afterlife with Archie #1, Rocket Girl #1, The Walking Dead Tyrese Special, and Infinity #4. The podcast closes with a spoiler …

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