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Feb 19

ComixBrew Episode #246: Wakandan Wonder

ComixBrew Episode #246: Wakandan Wonders. Recorded on 2-17-2018. Get ready for another wonderful episode. We discuss Stone brewing getting salty about the new Keystone cans, Dark Nights Metal #6 has been delayed, Marvel  has decided to release the rest of Hickman’s Shield comic. We also discuss the Incredibles 2 trailer, and Batman: Ninja’s English trailer. …

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Feb 12

ComixBrew Episode #245: Blind Date

ComixBrew Episode #245: Blind Date. Recorded on 2-10-2018. Valentines Day is upon us, and love is in the air at the ComixBrew studio. All there’s hype that’s been building with all these new trailers that have come out.  The guys also give their personal reviews of Hellboy Vol. 4: Right Hand of Doom, Swamp Thing …

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Feb 07

ComixBrew Plays The 13th Age Part 15

ComixBrew Plays The 13th Age

ComixBrew Plays The 13th Age Part 15. Recorded on 2/3/2018. ComixBrew Plays returns. After the tragic death of Baxter Notweiler the adventurers soldier on into the future. What awaits them in the town of Nomad and will the party be made whole once more? You’ll have to listen to find out! This week we have: …

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Jan 29

ComixBrew Episode #243: State of the Podcast

ComixBrew Episode #243: State of the Podcast. Recorded on 1-27-2018. ComixBrew this week is another free form episode. Now, normally these episodes tend to go a little of topic. ComixBrew gets political in this weeks episode. But never fear, there are still plenty of goofs and some comic book discussion. There’s even a closer look …

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Jan 22

ComixBrew Episode #242: I’m More Venom Than You

ComixBrew Episode #242: I’m More Venom Than You. Recorded on 1/19/2018. ComixBrew returns and is Adamless, but Tyler and Josh soldier on! There’s plenty of news to dive through this week and the guys review Powers vol. 1 and James Bond the Body #1. The show concludes with some deep digging into Venom’s past. Intro …

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Jan 15

ComixBrew Episode #241: Roll Initiative

ComixBrew Episode #241: Roll Initiative. Recorded on 1/13/2018. ComixBrew is back with a brand new episode full of old reviews! Tyler leads the gang through news, Adam and Josh bring reviews of Hellboy vol. 1 and Invincible vol. 1, while Tyler gives you a fresh look at Backways #1. The third segment is all about …

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Jan 08

ComixBrew Episode #240: Adam Takes a Nap

ComixBrew EPisode #240: Adam Takes a Nap. Recorded on 1-6-2018. It’s time to get back to business as usual.  And it really wears Adam out. So much in fact, that if you listen closely you may actually hear him sleeping a couple times this episode. The guys talk about Bryan Singer no longer being the …

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Jan 01

ComixBrew Episode #239: Happy Brew Year

ComixBrew Episode #239: Happy Brew Year. Recorded on 12-29-2017. The New Year has started! And what better way to start this new year than with an episode of ComixBrew? In fact, the guys decided to start the year extra loose with a free form episode. They do spend some time with Doomsday Clock #2 and …

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Dec 25

ComixBrew Episode #238: The 5th Annual Brewsies

ComixBrew Episode #238: The 5th Annual Brewsies. Recorded on 12-23-2017. We here at ComixBrew hope you all made 2017 a great year. However, before we can let you say goodbye to 2017 and welcome  2018, we have to give out some Brewsies!!! The guys do a group review of the newest issue of Dark Nights …

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Dec 11

ComixBrew Episode #236 Deke-Lord is Coming to Town

ComixBrew Episode #236: Deke-Lord is Coming to Town. Recorded on 12-9-2017. Christmas is almost upon us, so here is the gift of a new episode of ComixBrew. This week we got a trailer for the next season of Jessica Jones on Netflix. As well as a trailer for an animated Spider-Man movie coming in 2018. …

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