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Apr 24

ComixBrew Episode #203: Exit Thru the Comix Shop

ComixBrew Episode #203: Exit Thru the Comix Shop. Recorded on 4/22/2017. ComixBrew is here and full of life for your Monday morning madness. Join Adam, Tyler, and a very hoarse Josh as they talk all about the greatest in comic books and craft brews. C2E2 is over and done with and there are a couple …

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Apr 17

ComixBrew Episode #202: Controversy Aboard The USS ComixBrew

ComixBrew Episode #202: Controversy Aboard The USS ComixBrew. Recorded on 4-15-2017. ComixBrew is back to get your week started!!!! The controversy continues with one of Marvel’s, now former, artists. It’s not looking good for this guy in the ways of continuing in western comics. There is also a couple of large casting announcements this week. …

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Apr 03

ComixBrew Episode #200: ComixBrew Highlights!!!

ComixBrew Episode #200: ComixBrew Highlights!!! Recorded on 3-30-2017. ComixBrew is celebrating 200 awesome, beer fueled, episodes. So in honor of such a tremendous occasion, the guys decide to celebrate with more than just beer! Well a couple of them do anyways. The beer this week is a birthday present from the lovely people at George …

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Mar 27

ComixBrew Episode #199: Hemorrhoidal Tendencies

ComixBrew Episode #199: Hemorrhoidal Tendencies. Recorded on 3/25/2017. ComixBrew is back for a brand new bag of free form podcasting for your listing pleasure. This week join Adam, Tyler, and Josh as they discuss whatever happens to come to mind. There’s plenty to talk about as Josh brought a Montana-brewed beer back from his trip. …

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Mar 21

New Comic Releases For 3-22-2017

It’s time once again for new comics to come out. So check out the list here of everything that will be available tomorrow at your local comic shop. The list is always long so I’m sure you will find a few books to get lost in!   Dark Horse Comics ITEM CODE DESCRIPTION PRICE

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Mar 20

ComixBrew Episode #198: Iron Fisting

Comixbrew Episode #198: Iron Fisting. Recorded on 3-18-2017. ComixBrew is back with another lovely episode for you fantastic listeners. Although this week is a little different. Josh decided to take himself one of those vacations thingies. So for the first time in a very very long time, there is no Josh this week. However, Adam …

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Mar 13

ComixBrew Episode #197: Schooled by Georgetown Brewing

ComixBrew Episode #197: Schooled by Georgetown Brewing. Recorded on 3/11/2017. ComixBrew returns for another raucous episode of comic books and craft brews! Listen in as Adam, Tyler, and Josh are joined by Lisa and Mark of Georgetown Brewing Co. This time around Lisa and Mark bring the guys some choice IPAs from the brewery and …

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Mar 08

ComixBrew Reads Old Man Logan Part 2

ComixBrew Reads Old Man Logan Part 2. Recorded on 2/24/2016. ComixBrew Reads is here to finish off the greatness that is their dramatic reading of Old Man Logan, written by Mark Millar and drawn by Steven McNiven. Join Adam, Tyler, Jon (of BadFlix & Waiting4Players fame), and Josh as they detail what exactly stopped Logan …

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Mar 07

New Comic Releases for 3-8-2017

Just like the sun rising every morning, you can count on new comics being released every Wednesday. With tomorrow being a Wednesday, that means new books should be on the shelves when your local shop opens it’s doors. Do you know what you want to pick up? Are you hoping for something new. Well look …

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Mar 06

ComixBrew Episode #196: ECCC 2017

ComixBrew Episode #196: ECCC 2017. Recorded on 3/4/2017. ComixBrew has made it through ECCC 2017 and lived to tell the tale! After a short message about the wonderful folks at The Hero Initiative, the dudes get right into it. There’s a ton of casting news about Marvel’s Inhumans show, some new developments concerning Minnesota liquor …

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