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Jan 04

ComixBrew Episode #187.5: Events in Review

ComixBrew Episode #187.5: Events in Review. Recorded on 12/30/2016. The Point-5 initiative rings in the new year! For this first episode of 2017 join Adam, Chris, Tyler, and Josh. Before 2016 ended the guys wanted to make sure that they gave their on the conclusion of Marvel’s Civil War II as well as the second …

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Dec 28

ComixBrew Episode #186.5: ComixBrew, The Early Years

ComixBrew Episode #186.5: ComixBrew, The Early Years. Recorded on 12/23/2016. The final Point-5 Initiative of 2016 is here for your listening pleasure! This week join Adam, Adam, Chris, Tyler, and Josh as they cover the early days of ComixBrew, an introspective and reminiscing affair as the guys prepare to say goodbye to Chris. As such …

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Nov 30

ComixBrew Episode #182.5: Podcast Massacre

ComixBrew Episode #182.5: Podcast Massacre. Recorded on 11/22/2016. The Point-5 Initiative hits the road! Josh ventured into the mouth of madness and invaded the realm of Podcast Massacre. Facing his fears, Josh discusses the nature of the show with Chris and Ricky. Together the three of them discuss iconic horror classics, why they do what …

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Nov 23

ComixBrew Episode #181.5, Willow & Erin, Leather Works by Willow

ComixBrew Episode #181.5, Willow & Erin, Leather Works by Willow. Recorded on 11/18/2016. The Point-5 Initiative is back! This week Josh and Adam host Willown Enright and Erin Bishop from Leather Works by Willow. Together they discuss their origins in cosplay, what it takes to get into leather working, as well as comparing notes for …

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Jun 22

ComixBrew Episode #159.5: Miles Greb, After the Gold Rush

ComixBrew Episode #159.5: Miles Greb, After the Gold Rush. Recorded on 6/14/2016. The Point-5 Initiative brings you Miles Greb once more! That’s right folks, the creator and writer of After the Gold Rush returns and joins Josh in studio to discuss his most recent Kickstarter campaign to print issue #2 of the book. Among other …

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May 25

ComixBrew Episode #155.5: James Stowe, Sidekick Quests

ComixBrew Episode #155.5: James Stowe, Sidekick Quests. Recorded on 5/17/2016. The Point-5 Initiative Returns! This week join Chris and Josh as they welcome James Stowe into the studio to discuss his Kickstarter campaign for Sidekick Quests: The Secret of the Sewer Wizard. This all ages book is not only a riveting tale of dungeon crawling, …

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Feb 10

ComixBrew Episode #140.5: Peter & Derrick, Arcadia Tattoo

Episode #140.5: Peter & Derrick. Recorded on 1/30/2016. ComixBrew’s The Point-5 Initiative rolls on! And this week it’s all about being tatted. Josh and Adam welcome Peter Dominguez and Derrick Burke, artists from Arcadia Tattoo in Fife, WA. During this interview Peter discusses the goings on at Arcadia, what it’s like to be a part …

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Jan 20

ComixBrew Episode #137.5: Nightstik #2, Toby and Stephen

Episode #137.5: Nightstik #2, Toby and Stephen. Recorded on 01/03/2016. The Point-5 Initiative returns for 2016! This week Josh sits down with Toby Dycus and Stephen Prescott to discuss Toby’s comic book Nightstik #2. Toby, creator and lead artist for the comic asked Josh to write issue 2 for him and Josh obliged. Now the …

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Oct 14

ComixBrew Episode #123.5: Jeremy Hauck, No Wonder

Episode #123.5: Jeremy Hauck, No Wonder. Recorded on 10/3/2015. All the ComixBrew crew sits down to record a very special episode of The Point-5 Initiative. Josh, Adam, and Tyler welcome Jeremy Hauck into the studio via Skype. Jeremy is the writer and creator of an independent comic called No Wonder. No Wonder centers on a …

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Oct 07

ComixBrew Episode #122.5: Ryan Fisher, Torchlight Lullaby

Episode #122.5: Ryan Fisher, Torchlight Lullaby. Recorded on 10/4/2015. The Point-5 Initiative returns! This week, Josh sits down with Ryan Fisher via Skype. Ryan is the creator of a comic book called Torchlight Lullaby – a story that deals with a little girl named Ella and her facing her nightmares while in the dream world! …

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