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Jul 14


What happens when we die? It’s an old question, one that only the dead have been able to answer so far. There are people who have had near-death experiences and been resuscitated after their heart has stopped, but even those accounts vary. What do you think happens after death? I’m fairly certain we just go …

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Jun 27

Nightmare Patrol #2

Suicidal Monster Squad #2! Guess what? Monsters are still fascinating? Don’t believe me? Check out the last review we did for Nightmare Patrol. How do I know that they’re still fascinating? Because the second issue of Nightmare Patrol keeps me enthralled with the characters, the setting, and the plot. I have to know what …

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Apr 13

Black Panther and The Crew

Recent weeks have seen a little bit of controversy and scandal in the halls of Marvel. From the problems with X-Men Gold #1 courtesy of Adrian Syaf or the qualms with sales vs. diversity, it’s not been a good news cycle for the folks at Marvel. But there are still quality comics coming from the …

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Aug 22

Morgan’s Organs #1

Earlier this year we had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with Daniel Brodie, creator and writer of a comic called Morgan’s Organs. The best way to quickly describe Morgan’s Organs is to liken it to the Disney movie Inside Out. Well, Inside Out for adults. The last time we spoke with Daniel he …

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Aug 06

Black Lines Comics, Dodgy Pills

Black Lines Comics, Dodgy Pills

Addiction is ever present, anyone is susceptible to it and it’s highly likely that you’re addicted to something even without fully realizing it. This addiction could be something as seemingly innocuous as working out or as debilitating as methamphetamine. Alcohol, cigarettes, sex, gaming, comic books, the list goes on and on and in today’s society …

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May 20

Future Quest #1

A hallmark of growing up in the United States, regardless of socioeconomic elements, is that we had cartoons. Cartoons that spanned decades thanks to syndication. Those syndicated cartoons were often the cartoons we HAD to watch while we were waiting to get to the cartoons we wanted to watch. Don’t get me wrong, there were …

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May 14

Black Panther #2

There’s no denying that Chadwick Boseman killed it playing Black Panther in Captain America: Civil War. From just his physical presence to the real growth of his character overcoming his revenge quest. Black Panther is easily one of the best new additions to the MCU. Perhaps the best thing to come out of the newfound …

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May 08

3 Floyds – Alpha King #1

Sometimes comic books are just what you’d expect them to be. Bright, primary colored superheroes fighting off the dastardly super villains. But other times, with the right creators behind the project, comic books can travel outside the norm and into a world all its own. Such is the example with 3 Floyds Brewing Co and …

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Apr 29

Doctor Strange: The Last Days of Magic

It’s no secret that I prefer the characters in DC Comics to Marvel. Not to say that Marvel is bad, I like those characters as well. But it’s much easier to conjure moments of magic in DC than it is for Marvel. That is until I started reading Jason Aaron’s Doctor Strange. Although there are …

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Apr 23

Star Wars Poe Dameron

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks for ComixBrew, between ECCC 2016, rearranging the studio, and hitting our 150th episode there hasn’t been much time to sit and read my comics. I took this weekend to do that and I’m so stoked! My favorite character from Star Wars Episode VII got his own …

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