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Jun 28

Batman/Elmer Fudd

Batman/Elmer Fudd Special

I’m Hunting Pwayboys….SHHHHHHHHH Show of hands, how many here watched Looney Tunes growing up? Really? That many? I can’t actually count who raised their hands and who didn’t because this is sort of a one-way conversation. Ain’t I a stinker…? All kidding aside, Looney Tunes was a staple cartoon for generations of audiences worldwide, so …

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Apr 21

Nightmare Patrol #1

Nightmare Patrol #1

Monsters are fascinating. Don’t believe me? Look at your bookshelves, your digital movie library, or your Netflix queue. How many stories in there are based on Monsters? Trust me, humanity has a fascination with the supernatural and that fascination manifests itself in our arts and our culture. So much so that it has spread into …

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Oct 10

ComixBrew Episode #175: NYCC vs. Luke Cage

ComixBrew Episode #175: NYCC vs. Luke Cage. Recorded on 10/7/2016. ComixBrew is battling the brews, news, and comic books just for you! Join Chris, Adam, Josh, and Tyler as they roll through the greatest things of the week. There’s a ton of New York City Comicon news! News about Logan, Punisher and Iron Fist have …

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Sep 19

ComixBrew Episode #172: Just Keep Pumpin

ComixBrew Episode #172: Just Keep Pumpin. Recorded on 9/16/2016. ComixBrew is back in action with a full load of comic books and craft brews just for you! Join Chris, Adam, Tyler, and Josh as they dive into the best of news and reviews. Alamo Brewing Company is raising awareness for Prostate Cancer, DC Comics signs …

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Jun 13

ComixBrew Episode #158: A Game of Tyler

ComixBrew Episode #158: A Game of Tyler. Recorded on 6/11/2016. ComixBrew is tireless and Tylerless this week. Join Chris, Adam, and Josh as the dudes discuss the latest in comic books and craft brewing. James Wan, director of Aquaman, has some insight into DC’s movie shake-ups, the comic book industry is growing and selling better …

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May 16

ComixBrew Episode #154: Make Murica Great Again

ComixBrew Episode #154: Make Murica Great Again. Recorded on 5/13/2016. ComixBrew is here to defend the freedom and rights of the people! Join the patriotic team of Chris, Tyler, Josh, and Adam as they uphold the nation’s welfare all on their own. This week Tyler tells you about Budweiser making themselves the official beer of …

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Apr 25

ComixBrew Episode #151: Spotlight on Image Comics

ComixBrew Episode #151: Spotlight on Image Comics. Recorded on 4/23/2016. The full cast of ComixBrew returns to get things back on track for the week. Join Chris, Josh, Adam, and Tyler as they discuss the greatest in comic book culture and craft brewing. This week the guys break down some interesting news about Wonder Woman, …

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Mar 28

ComixBrew Episode #147: Fix It with Spoilers

Episode #147: Fix It with Spoilers. Recorded on 3/26/2016. Adam, Tyler, Chris, and Josh invite you to listen in to the newest episode of ComixBrew, the one place to find the greetest opinions on comic books and craft brews. This week the guys sip in style and discuss the LEGO Batman Movie teaser, The Mighty …

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Mar 21

ComixBrew Episode #146: The Devil You Know

Episode #146: The Devil You Know. Recorded on 3/18/2016. Tyler, Adam, Chris, and Josh return to bring you all the news, brews, and reviews from the world of ComixBrew! This week Adam tells you about a new Luke Cage teaser, some Hollywood news concerning Mera – Aquaman’s main squeeze – and a new X-Men Apocalypse …

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Oct 19

ComixBrew Episode #124: This Game Should Exist

Episode #124: This Game Should Exist. Recorded on 10/17/2015. Tyler returns to the show, and along with Adam and Josh, the guys deliver the best in comic books and craft beer for this week! It happened folks, SABMiller has been purchased by AB InBev for 104 billion dollars!!!! There’s some development news out of FX …

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