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Jul 06

ComixBrew Episode #109: Oh Say Can You See

Episode #109: Oh Say Can You See. Recorded on 7/3/2015. Was your 4th of July awesome? We hope so! Adam, Josh, and Tyler are relentless in their quest for bringing you the best in comics and craft brew. 5 Rabbit Brewery had something to say about Donald Trump, the Image Expo went down flawlessly, and …

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Jun 29

ComixBrew Episode #108: Tyler’s Butt and Stuff

Episode #108: Tyler’s Butt and Stuff. Recorded on 6/26/2015. The boys with the comics and the brews are back with…..well, comics and brews. This week the dudes discuss a very special Root Beer, Marvel’s new big screen Spider-Man, as well as some new creators on a pair of Marvel comics, there’s also talk of a …

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Jan 19

ComixBrew Episode #85: The ComixBrew Mixtape

Episode #85: The ComixBrew Mixtape. Recorded on 1/16/2015. Fake Adam, Josh, and Tyler welcome you back for the next installment of ComixBrew. This week, Fake Adam tells you about a beer with whale testicles in it, how Lagunitas reached for a lawsuit, introduces you to a new comicbook app, and how Emerald City Comicon might …

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Dec 22

ComixBrew Episode #81: Nom-Nom Nominations

Episode #81: Nom-Nom Nominations. Recorded on 12/20/2014. This week the ComixBrew crew welcomes Fake Adam from BadFlix into the paneled circle as they discuss news, brews, and do some reviews of comics. Tyler guides the guys through new about Viola Davis, Archie comics reboot, and DC’s impending cancellation of 13 titles. The dudes also review …

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Nov 10

It’s All About the Game

Any comic reader can tell that the Batman/Superman relationship is a very bromantic one. A rich man and his all-powerful alien buddy. Since the New 52 rebooted the DC Universe, seeing the two characters together was something readers were lacking. Five months ago DC brought The Dark Knight and The Man of Steel back together. …

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Sep 30

Deus Ex Nihilo

The Avengers are split up in space, much of the universe has surrendered to the Builders, and everything is up to Captain America. How does Jonathan Hickman and Leinil Yu’s Avengers #20 fare? And what’s with all the different Ex Nihilo-looking dudes on the cover? Hit the jump to find out!

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Sep 07

The Dark Knight Returns…to Black and White

Anthologies are awesome, especially those that concern some of the best characters. Small, concise stories that wrap themselves up neatly by the end. Each little story gives new insight into the character but has very little to do with that character’s overall continuity. Back again for another go-round is Batman Black and White. A collection …

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Sep 02

ComixBrew Episode #13: The PAX Interruption

Episode #13: The PAX Interruption. Recorded on 8/31/2013 at Green Gem Studios. In this episode Chris, Tyler and Josh control their excitement for PAX long enough to go over some comic related news, including James Spader as Ultron, Man of Steel in Detroit and Top Cow Talent Hunt 2013. They also find time to review …

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Aug 19

ComixBrew Episode #11: The Big Comeback!

Episode #11: The Big Comeback! – Recorded 8/17/2013 Chris returns and reveals he doesn’t listen to a single episode of the podcast…All astonishment aside the guys regale their audience with some nerdy and beer oriented news. They review Six Gun Gorilla #3, East of West #5, and Herobear and the Kid: The Inheritance #1. Also, …

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Aug 17

A Tradition Long Revered

There’s always been a place for the juvenile and the whimsical in the realm of comic books. A tradition that has been practiced and applauded throughout the industry’s entire history, even the cartoons that we look back upon fondly got their start as strips in daily newspapers. The series that stand out the most are …

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