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Dec 15

ComixBrew Episode #80: Richard Ryder is A Door-Able

Episode #80: Richard Ryder is A Door-Able. Recorded on 12/12/2014. Tyler’s favorite Marvel cosmic hero now exists as door. Josh thinks that’s funny. Chris is somewhat amused. That’s probably the most legit conclusion you can arrive at from this episode. But there’s also comics and beer to talk about. The guys review The Valiant #1, …

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Dec 20

This is…a Red Ale and This is…an Amber Ale

Until today I didn’t know that American Red Ales and Amber Ales are almost the same thing. In case you were unaware the two beers that started me on this venture into the world of craft brews were the Elysian Men’s Room Red and the Alaskan Amber. However, my favorite Amber to have when I’m …

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