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Dec 11

ComixBrew Episode #236 Deke-Lord is Coming to Town

ComixBrew Episode #236: Deke-Lord is Coming to Town. Recorded on 12-9-2017. Christmas is almost upon us, so here is the gift of a new episode of ComixBrew. This week we got a trailer for the next season of Jessica Jones on Netflix. As well as a trailer for an animated Spider-Man movie coming in 2018. …

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Jul 20

ComixBrew Episode #111: Ant-Tastic Four

Episode #111: Ant-Tastic Four. Recorded on 7/18/2015. There are four in the studio this week. Adam, Tyler, Josh, and Chad (of BadFlix fame) are your hosts for this week’s comics and craft brew extravaganza. There’s a ton of movie and TV news, specifically X-Men Apocalypse, Spider-Man, The Flash and more. There’s also some hub bub …

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Feb 16

ComixBrew Episode #89: Mid-February Closet Fiasco

Episode #89: Mid-February Closet Fiasco. Recorded on 02/14/2015. ComixBrew returns! And although still discombobulated, the guys exist solely for you! Tyler, Fake Adam, and Josh are your guides through the week’s comic book news and craft beer worlds. As it’s just after Valentine’s Day the guys discuss their versions of heaven with some the comic …

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