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May 15

ComixBrew Episode #206: For All the Super Moms

ComixBrew Episode #206: For All the Super Moms. Recorded on 5/12/2017. It’s a very special episode of ComixBrew this week. This week we celebrate moms everywhere with a Mother’s Day themed episode. Before the news we get a very amusing story from Josh, which comes back into play at the end of the episode. As …

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Apr 17

ComixBrew Episode #202: Controversy Aboard The USS ComixBrew

ComixBrew Episode #202: Controversy Aboard The USS ComixBrew. Recorded on 4-15-2017. ComixBrew is back to get your week started!!!! The controversy continues with one of Marvel’s, now former, artists. It’s not looking good for this guy in the ways of continuing in western comics. There is also a couple of large casting announcements this week. …

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Feb 06

ComixBrew Episode #192: Monsters Leashed

ComixBrew Episode #192: Monsters Leashed. Recorded on 2/5/2017. ComixBrew is back, once again, to give you all the news fit to blab about! Come listen to Tyler, Josh, and Adam as they talk about some tragic news about comic artists, a rockin’ new beer from Anthrax, and let you in on the newest details about …

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Apr 23

Star Wars Poe Dameron

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks for ComixBrew, between ECCC 2016, rearranging the studio, and hitting our 150th episode there hasn’t been much time to sit and read my comics. I took this weekend to do that and I’m so stoked! My favorite character from Star Wars Episode VII got his own …

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Feb 10

ComixBrew Episode #140.5: Peter & Derrick, Arcadia Tattoo

Episode #140.5: Peter & Derrick. Recorded on 1/30/2016. ComixBrew’s The Point-5 Initiative rolls on! And this week it’s all about being tatted. Josh and Adam welcome Peter Dominguez and Derrick Burke, artists from Arcadia Tattoo in Fife, WA. During this interview Peter discusses the goings on at Arcadia, what it’s like to be a part …

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Dec 21

ComixBrew Episode #133: And The Nominees Are

Episode #133: And The Nominees Are. Recorded on 12/20/2015. It’s almost the end of the year! ComixBrew is closing in on the Brewsies, so are you ready to hear about Josh, Tyler, and Adam’s nominations for the Best of 2015? Oh and there’s some news in the universe as well. Star Wars was awesome, but …

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Nov 19

Star Wars Vader Down

It’s hard to believe that it’s been nearly a full year of Star Wars comics coming from Marvel. 12 issues of Darth Vader, 12 issues of Star Wars, five issues of Lando, four issues of Journey to the Force Awakens Shattered Empire, five issues of Princess Leia, and a few issues of Chewbacca’s own series …

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Sep 14

ComixBrew Episode #119: Because Jesus Was Hungry

Episode #119: Because Jesus Was Hungry. Recorded on 9/12/2015. Josh, Tyler, and Adam return to bring you the very best and brightest in comic books and craft brew. We want you to know about the event going down at 99 Bottles on Sept. 19th at 6 p.m. Pacific Time. Also there is news this week. …

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Sep 13

What Happened After Endor?

Return of the Jedi is not the greatest movie of the original Star Wars trilogy but it does have the best space battle ever created for a film. The assault on the second Death Star was perhaps one of the greatest climaxes I’ve ever had the privilege to watch over and over again. And then …

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Mar 16

ComixBrew Episode #93: Epic Space Conflict Fantasy

Episode #93: Epic Space Conflict Fantasy. Recorded 3/13/2015. Adam, Tyler, and Josh are back to bring you ComixBrew! After a discussion of a revolutionary poo spray, Adam takes the guys through some Valiant movie news, another dispute between two craft breweries, Marvel’s presence at SDCC 2015, and a heartwarming story about a boy and his …

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