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Feb 12

ComixBrew Episode #245: Blind Date

ComixBrew Episode #245: Blind Date. Recorded on 2-10-2018. Valentines Day is upon us, and love is in the air at the ComixBrew studio. All there’s hype that’s been building with all these new trailers that have come out.  The guys also give their personal reviews of Hellboy Vol. 4: Right Hand of Doom, Swamp Thing …

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Nov 18

DC Comics Trinity

DC Comics Trinity

The Trinity is the very foundation of the DC Comics Pantheon. Without the strength of Wonder Woman, the dependability of Superman, and the genius of Batman there would be no Justice League, there would be no Robin, Wonder Girl, or Superboy. And of course there would be no Lex Luthor, no Joker, and no Cheetah. …

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Nov 12

Superman: American Alien

How many times can you retell an origin story? Easy answer? A whole lot! Look at Batman. That character gets a reboot or a re-imagining in one medium or another at least once every five years. The same can be said for The Man of Steel as well. Admittedly, not all of these reboots are …

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Mar 02

A Tale of Two Sisters

There are instances where Marvel clearly outshines DC. One of those areas has always been the humanity aspect of their respective universes. People like Ben Urich, Aunt May, Nick Fury, Agent Carter, and Sally Floyd have all had more of a resonance with readers than any of the DC side of things. Well no more! …

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Feb 10

ComixBrew Episode #36: Crossing the Streams

Episode #36: Crossing the Streams. Recorded on 2/8/2014. The guys are back to their normal routine and even as the snow pelts the studio, they trudge through and do their duty by their hundreds of fans. They got some news and talk about some brews. Tyler covers Ms. Marvel #1, Josh talks Loki: Agent of …

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Dec 06

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

I apologize for the gap in this series! I was just too damn full from Turkey day and I couldn’t possibly belly up to the my desk to jot down my thoughts last week. All puns and laziness aside, I figured that if I wanted to make up for my absence I should deliver more …

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Nov 10

It’s All About the Game

Any comic reader can tell that the Batman/Superman relationship is a very bromantic one. A rich man and his all-powerful alien buddy. Since the New 52 rebooted the DC Universe, seeing the two characters together was something readers were lacking. Five months ago DC brought The Dark Knight and The Man of Steel back together. …

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Nov 08

Superman vs. The Elite

The main complaint against a character like Superman is that he is essentially all powerful. Invulnerable, super strong, super fast, a myriad of ocular powers, super breath, and did you know he can fly? Why even bother telling anymore stories about this stale character? Because he is ultimately an allegory for the potential of mankind. …

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Oct 25

All-Star Superman

Imagine – just for a bit – that you are Lex Luthor. Business, scientific, and criminal genius. Bent on acquiring and controlling anything and everything on your home planet. But there is one thing that mars your progress, an unstoppable obstacle that is a constant reminder that no progress you make can match its potential. …

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Oct 18

Superman/Batman: Apocalypse

“The time has come,” The Watcher said. “To talk of many things. Of Bats, Aliens, and teenage girls. Of Granny and her playthings.” All horribly miss-matched poetry aside, in this week’s From Comic to Screen we return our focus back to that most bromantic of relationships in the DC Universe. That’s right folks! It’s Superman …

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