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Dec 15

ComixBrew Episode #80: Richard Ryder is A Door-Able

Episode #80: Richard Ryder is A Door-Able. Recorded on 12/12/2014. Tyler’s favorite Marvel cosmic hero now exists as door. Josh thinks that’s funny. Chris is somewhat amused. That’s probably the most legit conclusion you can arrive at from this episode. But there’s also comics and beer to talk about. The guys review The Valiant #1, …

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Dec 14

The Valiant

I’ve been waiting for December for a ton of reasons. Christmas, obviously. Great holiday brews, a given. But the thing that I was most excited for was the release of The Valiant from Valiant Entertainment. I’ll probably champion The Valiant Universe until I stop reading comics – or until they take a slight twist that …

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Oct 13

ComixBrew Episode #71.2: That’s The NYCC Roulette Baby

Episode #71.2: That’s The NYCC Roulette Baby. Recorded on 10/11/2014. This special edition of ComixBrew covers all things concerning New York City Comic Con 2014. Annoucements, rumors, leaks, and scandals. All of it is discussed here. If you’re looking for the regular ComixBrew episode, check out Episode #71.1. Intro and outro courtesy of 2hundred6. A …

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Jul 14

ComixBrew Episode #58: House Party

Episode #58: House Party. Recorded on 7/12/2014. Tyler is gone! Chris and Josh threw a party in his wake. That’s right, there are a ton of people that are friends of the show on the mic today! Through a stumbling and sometimes awkward smattering of news and brews, the guys pose the question: If you …

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