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Nov 06

ComixBrew Episode #231: Ragnarok And Roll

ComixBrew Episode #231: Ragnarok And Roll. Recorded on 11-4-2017. It’s Thor heavy episode this week because 2/3 of the hosts are hyped AF after seeing Ragnarok. But it’s not all about Thor, there’s plenty of news as well. Neal Adams is about to receive an award from the US Chamber of Compress. Mark Strong is …

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May 18

ComixBrew Episode #102: One Giant Leap for ComixBrew

Episode #102: One Giant Leaper for ComixBrew. Recorded on 5/17/2015. Tyler, Adam, and Josh come at you with a new episode of the best thing on the internet. Tyler brought the guys a beer from space! The guys discuss some Fizzics, G. Willow Wilson’s response to a New Yorker article, some trials that Archie comics …

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Jul 21

ComixBrew Episode #59: Something Something Thor

Episode #59: Something Something Thor. Recorded on 7/19/2014. Tyler and Josh are left without a Chris once again! And as such they asked Adam from BadFlix to come fill in for the evening. Amongst other things, the guys discuss Godzilla (2014), Ant-Man, Guardians of The Galaxy, and the impending Avengers NOW coming from Marvel. The …

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Feb 23

I Wanna Rock

We all know Loki right? The Norse god of Trickery and Mischief? Brought perfectly to the screen by Tom Hiddleston? Well throw all of that out the window, all except the name and the title. This new comic from Boom! Studios is a whole ‘nother animal. That’s right folks, it’s Loki: Ragnarok and Roll! So, …

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Jan 11


THOR! Son of Odin, living in the realm eternal, ASGARD. Ok, seriously dudes, this is the craziest idea for a movie. “Let’s take Thor, the Norse god/Marvel comics character, and make a movie.” Really, how could this translate to screen? Surprisingly, very well.

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Nov 11

ComixBrew Episode #23: The Marvelous Netflix

Episode #23: The Marvelous Netflix. Recorded on 11/8/2013. Everyone is impressed with Marvel, from their new Thor movie to the Netflix announcement. And DC just tries to play catch-up. The dudes dig through Batman/Superman #5, Drumhellar #1, and Catalyst Comix #5. They also look at Forever Evil #3. BEWARE!!!! Josh got too drunk about halfway …

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Sep 26

Back Issues #2 – Thor: Vikings

Please note that the following review may contain spoilers. I will due my best to not ruin it.Written by: Garth Ennis Art by: Glenn Fabry Run dates: July – November 2003   Back in 2008, with the imminent release of the new Thor ongoing by J. Michael Straczynski, I decided to try to learn more …

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Jun 22

Maybe It’s Worth a Second Look

My major problem with Marvel is that their all build up with a poor finish. When I say this, I’m referring to the amazing potential of cross-overs like X-Men: Second Coming, Siege, Fear Itself, Shadowland, and Avengers vs. X-Men. Each of these stories left a sour taste in their wakes. And I think it’s the …

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