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Apr 25

ComixBrew Episode #151: Spotlight on Image Comics

ComixBrew Episode #151: Spotlight on Image Comics. Recorded on 4/23/2016. The full cast of ComixBrew returns to get things back on track for the week. Join Chris, Josh, Adam, and Tyler as they discuss the greatest in comic book culture and craft brewing. This week the guys break down some interesting news about Wonder Woman, …

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Oct 15

Twilight Children

It’s not every day that I get to dibs a review of a comic before Chris gets a chance to, so when I found out that Twilight Children #1 was releasing this week, I leapt at the opportunity. Written and co-created by Gilbert Hernandez and drawn/co-created by Darwyn Cooke – with colors by Dave Stewart …

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Mar 23

Back Issues #29 – HellBlazer: The Fear Machine

HellBlazer: Fellow Travelers Written by: Jamie Delano. Art by: Mark Buckingham & Alfredo Alcala Published by: Vertigo Run Date: 1989 (Issues 20 &21)   The last time we saw John Constantine he was a bit occupied with trying to survive a train crash. The next issue picks up as he is pulling himself from the …

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Mar 16

Back Issues #29 – HellBlazer: Fellow Travelers

HellBlazer: Fellow Travelers Written by: Jamie Delano. Art by: Mike Hoffman Published by: Vertigo Run Date: 1989 (Issues 20 &21) If you remember back to last week’s Back Issues you will remember that Constantine had been traveling along in a hippie commune (for lack of a better term). One could almost even argue he had …

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Mar 08

Back Issues #28- HellBlazer: Shepherd’s Warning

    HellBlazer: Shepherd’s Warning Written by: Jamie Delano. Art by: Richard Rayner & Todd Klein Published by: Vertigo Run Date: 1989 (Issues 17-19)   So the flash backs are over, and with that we get back to the story at hand. It starts off with John on the run from the cops. They seem …

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Mar 03

Back Issues #27 – HellBlazer: Newcastle

HellBlazer: Newcastle Written by: Jamie Delano. Art by: Richard Rayner & Todd Klein Published by: Vertigo Run Date: 1989 (Issues 12-16)   After a short absence I am back to continue my journey into the world of HellBlazer and to report back to you fine folks. We have so much to cover due to the …

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Jan 23

Back Issues #24 – HellBlazer: Hunger

HellBlazer: Hunger. Written by: Jamie Delano. Art by:John Ridgway. Published by: Vertigo. Run Date: 1988 (Issues 1 and 2)   The Following Review of HellBlazer: Hunger will contain spoilers. I’d feel bad about it, but the comic was released almost 30 years ago. I wanted to review the HellBlazer series because the character John Constantine …

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Nov 15

The Jackson 5 (Comics, That Is)

As I’ve said before, the Jackson 5 is never late! Nor is it early! It arrived precisely when it meant to! You should definitely check it out, though, because this is an exciting week!

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Oct 27

ComixBrew Episode #73: Supernatural Super Podcast

Episode #73: Supernatural Super Podcast. Recorded on 10/25/2014. Chris, Tyler, and Josh are back at the mics and ready to rock this Halloween season with some comic books and craft beer. After a stunning intro by Fake Adam and Chad from BadFlix, this episode kicks you right in the diaphragm and doesn’t stop til the …

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Oct 22

Chris’s Buy Pile for 10/22/14

Axis #3 Written by: Rick Remender, Art by: Leinil Francis Yu Published by: Marvel So this comic seems to be finally getting on track.  All thanks to Dr. Doom, we finally have the title of our comic coming into play, and just like some dumb AvX shit, the teams have splintered.  At first I was all …

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