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Feb 17

Justice League: Throne of Atlantis

Somehow I made a mistake and assumed that Justice League: Throne of Atlantis was still a month or two away. More fool me as I discovered the animated feature released nearly a month ago on January 27th….Needless to say, as soon as I discovered my error I leapt at the Blu-Ray in earnest. This is …

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Dec 06

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

I apologize for the gap in this series! I was just too damn full from Turkey day and I couldn’t possibly belly up to the my desk to jot down my thoughts last week. All puns and laziness aside, I figured that if I wanted to make up for my absence I should deliver more …

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Nov 22

Batman: Year One

There must have been something special in the water where Frank Miller grew up. For some reason the guy is inclined to write the definitive stories concerning Batman’s beginning and end. We’ll eventually get to the Dark Knight Returns in this series of reviews, but for this week, let’s delve into Batman: Year One, the …

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Nov 15

Green Lantern: Emerald Knights

Ladies and gentleman! I have been absolutely remiss in my duties to the great fan community. In these weekly explorations of animated features I blew right passed my favorite DC flick. Green Lantern: Emerald Knights is an anthology after mine own heart. It contains six stories that detail the greatness of the greater Green Lantern …

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Nov 01

Justice League: Doom

Forget about Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, in my book the best super team in the world is the Justice League. A collective of the strongest, fastest, best, and brightest that the DC Universe has to offer. In this week’s From Comic to Screen, let’s delve into the next of the ensemble pieces from Warner Bros. Animation, …

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Oct 25

All-Star Superman

Imagine – just for a bit – that you are Lex Luthor. Business, scientific, and criminal genius. Bent on acquiring and controlling anything and everything on your home planet. But there is one thing that mars your progress, an unstoppable obstacle that is a constant reminder that no progress you make can match its potential. …

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Oct 11

Batman: Under the Red Hood

We come back to the Bat! That’s right everybody. Batman: Under the Red Hood, which released in July of 2010, is a much more tight knit story than some of the other Justice League features that had preceded it. It centers around the mythos of Jason Todd – his death and ultimate rebirth. The feature …

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Sep 27

Superman/Batman: Public Enemies

Lex Luthor is a narcissistic psychopath, a real crazy person with an unlimited budget. So what’s a billionaire philanthropist with a serious anti-hero perspective to do when he’s elected to the highest office in the land? Make Superman public enemy number one. No brainer right? Setting aside that the people of the United States elected …

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Sep 20

Green Lantern: First Flight

When will is your weapon the only limit is your imagination. That is essentially the basis of Green Lantern. During the end of 2008 Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps were two of the highest selling titles in the DC Comics line. In a response to this upsurge in popularity DC and Warner Bros. Animation …

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Sep 13

Wonder Woman

A child formed from clay, given life by Hera, and raised on a secluded island is chosen as the only emissary for the world of man. With a Lasso of Truth, Amazonian Wrist Bands, a Razor Tiara, and clad in the American Flag, Wonder Woman represents all the good and power within the fairer sex. …

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