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May 15

ComixBrew Episode #206: For All the Super Moms

ComixBrew Episode #206: For All the Super Moms. Recorded on 5/12/2017. It’s a very special episode of ComixBrew this week. This week we celebrate moms everywhere with a Mother’s Day themed episode. Before the news we get a very amusing story from Josh, which comes back into play at the end of the episode. As …

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Apr 10

ComixBrew Episode #201: Spotlight on Andrea Romano

Comixbrew Episode #201; Spotlight on Andrea Romano. Recorded on 4-8-2017 After celebrating 200 wonderful episodes, it’s back to business as usual for episode #201. This week the whole crew dives head first into the world of comic books, only resurfacing for air once they have something worth talking about, and there is a lot worth …

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Nov 23

ComixBrew Episode #129: Spotlight on Frank Quitely

Episode #129: Spotlight on Frank Quitely. Recorded on 11/21/2015. ComixBrew returns! Chris, Josh, Tyler, and Adam are back for another fantastic romp through comic books while enjoying some of the finest craft brews! This week, the guys dodge around Jessica Jones spoilers, and bring you the news. Apparently Frank Miller will be developing a fourth …

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Jun 03

Women of the Atom

          When I picked up X-Men #1, the latest renumbering in the Marvel NOW! line, I couldn’t help but be skeptical. The all female cast seemed like Marvel’s attempt to create their own Birds of Prey. But then I took a second look, the line-up is actually comprised of characters I like. Storm, Rogue, Psylocke, …

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